Having arrived in Daylesford with partner, Roger McLean, nearly 10 years ago to establish Herbal Lore and Terra Australis Distillery, Dr Sue, Chiropractor, has recently commenced practice in the beautifully refurbished Hale House in Daylesford.

With nearly 40 years of clinical expertise, Dr Sue successfully blends formal training and education, ongoing formal and informal study and the invaluable experience of having worked with thousands of patients throughout her career. When combined with her personal life experiences, she is able to offer a unique style of care designed to bring out the best in you, whatever situation you face. Using gentle, low force techniques, Dr Sue works to remove the obstacles and reduce the struggle and stress which limits our ability to function well. When our energy flows freely, we work better, we play better, we feel better, we thrive!

Dr Sue’s focus is on the interconnectedness of all life and the special relationship between our behaviours, our thoughts and our feelings. Becoming aware of and working with these habits and patterns creates the foundation necessary to change our pain, our posture, our limitations, our life.

“When we understand and implement the physics, not just Newtonian physics which is purely mechanical, but the far BIGGER physics, Quantum Physics, we begin to empower ourselves to enjoy, and experience, a richer, fuller and more meaningful life.”
– Dr Sue, Chiropractor

Mobile: 0407 301 352