Medical Practitioner

Leigh is a male medical practitioner specialising in clinical hypnosis and counselling. Leigh graduated from Monash University 1981. His background in general practice included nutritional medicine, allergy desensitisation, herbal medicine, stress management, meditation, and yoga. Treating the whole person rather than just symptoms has always been a natural interest for Leigh and has lead him to the point where he now practises exclusively in the area of clinical hypnosis and counselling.

His medical background equips him well in understanding the various medical experiences and quandaries people may have when they see him for hypnosis and counselling. He finds it most satisfying to work with people in facilitating healthy and meaningful change in their lives. He finds it refreshing to witness a person presenting for a specific focus (such as better managing emotions or smoking cessation) experiencing general and positive change in their life.

Mobile: 0491 331 951