PhD – Spontaneity in Social Dreaming
Rn Div 1, Dip Training & Assessment Systems, B.Ed, M.Ed
Kinesiologist (Registered with Australian Institute of Kinesiologists)

Julia has 36 years experience in working to build and strengthen vitality and resilience of people to increase their happiness, effectiveness and ability to manage challenges in their personal or professional lives. She has done this in practical, education, research, management and professional supervision roles within the world of mental health.

Julia now brings the skills of a kinesiologist to work with people to achieve their life goals through reducing stress and increasing life energy.

Kinesiology draws upon Chinese concepts of meridians and energy flow to identify blockages in energy that are balanced during a kinesiology session. This is done through muscle testing that communicate where the imbalances are in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual energy fields.

Kinesiology balances can be from 25 minutes for a general energy or emotional balance through to a 60 minute balance in which specific personal or professional goals are identified and worked with. Shoes are the only item of clothing removed during a balance.

To book an appt or for any further questions you have about kinesiology Julia can be contacted on ph 0488 229 940