Catherine Vallence, Optometrist
B. Optom (Hons) UNSW

Jeremy Vallence Optometrist
B. Optom UMelb

Jeremy and Catherine Vallence of Wide Open Road Optometry have over 32 years of experience combined, and provide mobile optometry services to regional community centres, children’s vision in and out of schools, and in aged care optometry.

WORO has Digital retinal photography for better monitoring of eye health, visual fields testing, as well as easy Intra-ocular pressure measurements for both younger and older patients. WORO also offer evidence based eye testing for children and evidence-based optometric advice for parents. We maintain good relationships with paediatric ophthalmologists and other sub-specialty Ophthalmologists.

Jeremy and Catherine are at Hale House on monthly Friday afternoons*. Please contact them directly to make an appointment.

Phone: 0417 900 715 or 0413 613 423